Las Ventanas Restaurant

El Silencio’s Las Ventanas Restaurant pampers foodies with local flavors, fresh ingredients, and a careful selection of our own organic mini-farm.  Framed by floor to ceiling windows, it draws in soothing forest sights, creating a dining ambiance that fosters relaxation and a joyful celebration of Costa Rica’s emerging culinary scene.


Las Ventanas Restaurant is led by up-and-coming Chef Andrey.  Born and raised in Costa Rica, his culinary offerings  play homage to Costa Rica’s agricultural exuberance.  His signature dishes highlight the country’s diverse traditions with the freshest ingredients sourced from the on-property organic mini-farm.


« We create dishes that highlight Costa Rica’s signature tropical exuberance and life-embracing culture.  By reimagining our diverse culinary traditions, we heighten the unpretentious purity of fresh flavors, vibrant colors, and just-picked textures.  At El Silencio Lodge & Spa, guests have a unique opportunity to draw from the land, selecting ingredients from our organic garden or fishing for their own trout.  Our goal is to echo and amplify this connection to nature, triggering powerful and delicious memories of a traveler’s experience in Costa Rica through dining options that heighten wellness, bliss, and balance.”


Sommelier Carlos Venegas developed an intense affinity for wine culture as a Hotel Management student in Costa Rica.  While working in New York, his interest flourished, prompting his return to his native country to complete training as a full-fledged Sommelier.  His four-year professional path has helped him discover that he enjoys a unique talent for teaching about wine and unconventional pairing secrets.  As a young Sommelier from a country that does not produce wine, Carlos has much to offer to the art of complementing this classic delight with novel tropical flavors.


Wine Tasting at El Silencio Lodge & Spa


“Although Costa Rica does not have a winemaking heritage, we have embraced enology with playful enthusiasm.  My passion is to experiment with non-traditional wine pairings, bringing together flavors in unexpected ways to fully engage the senses.  Wine enthusiasts will find that Costa Rica’s tropical zest brings out unique notes and unexpected complements and contrasts to delight a discerning palate.”


Fresh regional ingredients create innovative tropical dining at Las Ventanas Restaurant.Dining at El Silencio Lodge & Spa is delightful due to its fresh tropical ingredients.