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Costa Rica’s Certification of Sustainable Tourism (CST)
The Certification of Sustainable Tourism (CST) is a novel initiative led by the Costa Rican government to champion and encourage sustainability in the travel and tourism sector. Its holistic focus includes a periodic evaluation to asses a company’s commitment to human welfare and environmental health.

Tourism Sustainability Council
Launched in 2010 , the Tourism Sustainability Council (TSC) is a global membership council with a common understanding of sustainable tourism and the adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles and criteria. The TSC brings together tourism businesses, governments, UN bodies, the Rainforest Alliance, research and academic institutions, social and environmental NGOs, certification programs, and other like-minded initiatives from around the globe.

The Network of Nature Reserves
The Network of Nature Reserves currently comprises more than 200 members, together owning approximately 140,000 hectares of forest. Network members have voluntarily opted to strengthen the continual production of ecological flows of social importance. This warrants greater support from the Costa Rican government, NGOs, private enterprise and Costa Rican society in general.

The Blue Flag Ecology Program
The Blue Flag Ecology Program is a joint venture of several Costa Rican authorities, including the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, MINAE (Ministry of Environment), National Water Service, Ministry of Public Health and CANATUR (National Tourism Chamber) along with the member community striving to achieve the Blue Flag. The Blue Flag Ecology Program was founded with the purpose of improving education and information regarding the environment.

The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST)
The Center for Responsible Travel is a non-profit research institution whose mission is to design, monitor, evaluate, and improve ecotourism and sustainable tourism practices and principles.